A (very, very rough) rundown on the world I’ve created for this experiment. One caveat – I have no interest in making sure the physics, geology or meteorology “make sense”, it’s a fantasy world, magic exists; therefore all rules of the real world are suspended.

The Allied Realms is the name for an alliance of the civilized peoples of Inamre (one of the continents of the world of Naisnedt). These peoples are divided into 3 realms, though once there were 4.

Campan Confederacy: This is a largely mercantile concern, overgrown into a loose government. Frequently shortened to “The Confederacy” or to “Campas”. Some thousand (or so?) years ago, the Master of the Teamster’s Guild decided that, in order to better protect both their homes and, more importantly, their trade routes, the guilds needed to unite under a central leadership. Naturally, she was only too happy to take on the “daunting challenge” of being the first. Eventually the political infighting ended up with something resembling democracy. Sort of. That central leader still exists, though with much less power than Caelian had intended. Instead the Consul presides over a triumvirate of “advisors”, who actually wield the power in the Confederacy. The Consul acts mainly as mouthpiece, but also as peacemaker among the 3. That triumvirate theoretically represents all the [special interests? what IS the word I’m looking for here?]. They are: the Church, the Guilds and the Senate.
Think of this as a vaguely Romanesque set-up. Republican, essentially.

Kingdom of Turkaivos: A traditional (very strongly so) feudal kingdom stretching back thousands of years to the beginning of civilization in Inamre. (Or so they claim) Generally shortened to Turkaivos, but also sometimes “The Kingdom”. The landholders own/control the resources of the kingdom – mines, logging operations, fur trappers and the like. The kingdom lies in the north of Inamre and is prone to harsh winters and mild summers. (Taiga, essentially) Held equally important to the landholders, due to the series of wars with the orc barbarians that prompted the Alliance in the first place, are the commanders of the 2 primary fortresses that guard the kingdoms borders. The largest of these 2, “the Bulwark”, lies on the southernmost border and is, as such, centrally located to the realms, making it the seat of Alliance meetings.
A vague mish-mash of Viking and medieval-ish England (not to be confused with England under the Danes). Strong Finnish influence. (see again, caveat. Real world history irrelevant.)

The Tribes: A loose conglomeration of various semi-nomadic tribes occupying the southwestern portion of the continent. There are 4 “tribes”, each made up of a number of semi-independent clans. The Tribes are ruled by a “Speaker”, divinely chosen (so they say) and advised by the chieftains of the 4 tribes and by the commander of the one fortress set to guard their northern border, that they share with the orcs.
Going seriously cliched barbarian humans here. Mongols crossed with assorted native traditions, fantasy barbarians, you name it. Environment is cross between mesas of the american southwest and badlands.

Ok, that’s the generalized info on the Alliance part. Most of the signatories thereto, at any rate. The lost 4th realm { Vanitaeth} is an entirely different kettle of fish. A BIG complicated kettle, handled elsewhere. Further and more detailed info on each of the realms is in their own little pages at their various links.

And, obviously, the existence of an alliance indicates a common enemy – hordes (it’s traditional) of orc barbarians. (In the sense of savage tribal, not class)

System Rules

The Allied Realms

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