Campan Confederacy

Major cities:
Dives Urbana (capital), Labrasca (trade city at the southern – Campan – end of the Coast Road trade route), Haretiam (the major port), Nixerim (on the Vanitaeth border, a minor city swelled to importance with refugees). Also Fort Derujn (nicknamed “Fort Ruin”) on the coastal border with Vanitaeth.

Current leadership

Consul: Emris Arsiyel (the daughter of the previous consul and a wandering elvish minstrel)

Domno Censum: Taion Macellanus (excess son of minor noble family)
Hierophant: Easingham Lytton (cleric of Steadfast) [really needs a better name…]
Maestrum: Chaussen Wainwright (duh, Wright’s Guild)

Guildmasters (of the Nine)
1) Builder’s Guild (includes masons, carpenters and thatchers) – Atticus Gashin {human male expert 5}
2) Wright’s Guild (coopers, joiners, etc) – Sohgout Wainwright {human male expert 6}
3) Clothier’s Guild (weavers, tailors, etc) – Verek Riverborn {half-elf male expert 4}
4) Publican’s Guild (brewers, vintners, innkeepers etc) – Kershaw Alvaeus {human male expert 7}
5) Artificer’s Guild (magic items, technology etc) – Dimitty Farris {half-elf female expert 5}
6) Adorner’s Guild (jewelers, glassblowers, potters, etc) – Dannia de Santiga {human female expert 3}
7) Blacksmith’s Guild (yes, JUST them) – Tarn Blackthorn {half-orc male expert 6}
8) Teamster’s Guild (wagoneers, mule-drivers, longshoremen) – Corbie Egilssen {human male expert 3}
9) Guild of Shadows (Thieves Guild, also spynet) – Adriana Callious {half-elf female expert 7}

the unaligned artisans – what professions fell through the cracks or those uncomfortable (or unwelcome) among the Guilds – are represented in the Senate by Messori Domevol, a (human female expert 2) baker.

The Domno Censum (Head of the Senate) is always noble. [Admittedly, most nobility stemmed from mercantile and/or artisan backgrounds, once upon a time.] The Senate itself is comprised of 22 members: 9 chosen from the middle ranks of the Guilds, the representative of the unaligned and 12 “chosen at random from amongst the common man”.

Though the current Hierophant is a ranking cleric of Steadfast, other churches have strong presences in the Confederacy. In particular, the church of Sekneri is also powerful and frequently provides the Hierophant. The churches of Damartis and Atkan Tamunos are present, though more regionally focussed. The church of Yrisiel has a large complex in the capital, Dives Urbana, but little presence in the more rural areas. Shrines to Bragi (and sometimes just to Brisby) dot the entire countryside, especially along the main trade routes.

Kingdom of Turkaivos

Campan Confederacy

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