Kingdom of Turkaivos

Major Cities: Etseri (the capital), Laitila (center of lumber industry), Fort Sentinel (at foot of Perkarri Mountains, guarding Orc Raid pass) and The Bulwark (south central border, seat of the Alliance)

Current leadership

Queen Chasteera (very aged), aided by (nearly regency) Crown Prince Aerik. {The Savonlinna family is (they claim) an unbroken line from the founding of the Kingdom.}

15 major landholders (essentially nobles): 7 mine owners, 5 logging camp heads, 2 fur traders (um, what is head of this?) and 1 [that I apparently didn’t write down what]. Also mayor of Laitila and commanders of both forts.

Mayor: Benno Kustari (human male aristocrat 3)

1) Eina Briku (half-orc female aristocrat 4)
2) Raimi Ailon (human male aristocrat 3)
3) Udo Gimaas (human male aristocrat 5)
4) Kintuk Heli (half-orc male aristocrat 2)
5) Jasko Pairanen (half-elf male aristocrat 6)
6) Selvassi Arttu (human male aristocrat 3)
7) Ariwa Niko (half-orc male aristocrat 1/expert 2) – an engineer with some radical ideas
1) Miska Firth (human male aristocrat 3)
2) Aki Lashen (human male aristocrat 4)
3) Rapla Olavi (human male aristocrat 1) – only newly head of camp on death of mother.
4) Hanno Nesvi (human male aristocrat 6)
5) Uggla Virpi (half-orc female aristocrat 3)
Fur: Ivar Meensto (human male expert 3) and Kerttu Pelxa (half-elf female expert 4)
[??]: Orinen Tuohy (half-elf male ? peasant? maybe represents farming?)

Fort Sentinel: General Harkin Vaas (human male fighter 3)
The Bulwark: General Lahtia Ilmarinen (human female fighter 5)

Due to the greater proximity, there are more half-orcs in Turkaivos than in the Confederacy and more half-orcs than half-elves, although there are still refugees flowing in. Turkaivos was less welcoming than the Confederacy, resulting in the formation of 2 refugee cities at the very edges of what was the Vanitaeth border.

The Tribes

Kingdom of Turkaivos

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