Everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) on Inamre speaks “The Common Tongue”. What began as a simple pidgin trade tongue gradually blossomed into a truly comprehensive tool for communication. A unified (and simplified) script was created for use on road signs and the like – although pictograms are also frequently used, as literacy is not quite 100%, despite the best efforts of the churches of Yrisiel and Steadfast. Each realm also has its own native tongue.

The language of the Confederacy is simply called Campan. It is a fluid and rhythmic language, much loved by troubadors – or, more to the point those who write their songs. The script could not possibly be further away in feel from the language – it is a sharp-edged blocky script, looking almost chiseled out of stone. However, this characteristic also makes it very clear and easy to read and it formed the bulk of the new “common script”.

The language – or possibly plural? – of the Tribes is very little known outside their lands. They are generally loath to teach it to outsiders as it is considered an act of trust to do so. (Akin to sharing one’s true name, but on a much smaller scale.) It is a difficult language to learn, with very intricate and situational grammar, though it is easily pronounced, at least. It is called – by those not of the tribes – Tribal. Its script is symbolic rather than syllabic and much based on context, making it all but impossible for outsiders to learn.

The language of Turkaivos is believed (by THEM, at least) to be the oldest of the languages of Inamre. Due to the presence of Yrisiel’s main church – and thereby, school – in Etseri, “the kingdom tongue” is the language of scholarship. Its flowing, graceful script is, admittedly, occasionally difficult to read, but does make for truly beautiful illuminated manuscripts. All – except Turkaivans – agree that “Kaivan” is an ugly language. It is choppy, full of glottal stops and gutturals. Some have suggested that where Campan sounds like Kaivan script, Kaivan sounds like Campan script. It is, however; very easy to learn due to its rigid grammatical rules.

Elven is a dying language. Beautiful, flowing, and musical (even more so than Campan) it began to die with the Cataclysm. So few even of the half-elves escaped and virtually none of the full bloods that there were too few speakers to sustain the language. The semi-elven communities of Eriannys and Uifadyn have made it their “official” language – although they really have no standardized government at present – in an attempt to, if not revive it, at least maintain it.

Orcish is the perfect language for swearing – everyone agrees, especially the orcs. Though relatively few of the people of the realms truly speak orcish, few can’t swear in it. It is a harsher and more guttural language even than Kaivan, filled with almost barking sounds. It has no script – most of the barbarian tribes view literacy as…soft.


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