The Tribes

Note: all these listed by public names. Names have power and only your nearest, dearest and unquestionably trusted know your true name.

Speaker – Fokah (technically of Rivers tribe) [Fokah is simply Tribal for “speaker”]

Rivers Tribe (Lwfo) – moot is at the confluence of the High, Stone and Little rivers. (surprise, guess how the names are devised) lead by Chieftain Wash, aided by “mayor” (so need to come up with a better title) of “River’s Moot” Littlebrook.

Plains Tribe (Migtyk) -moot is largest, closest to other realms.[Did I screw that up on the map?] West of where the rivers leave the mountains and join, at the beginning of the wide swath of plains that make up the bulk of lands. [WNW of Rivers] Chieftain Dawn, “mayor” Carter

Hills Tribe (Matihwe) – moot is at northeastern border, just as the Perkarri mountains become foothills and the High river exits those mountains. _ Chieftain Tor_, “mayor” Frost.

Waves Tribe (Q’hwesi) – moot is only tribal port, on southwestern coast. Chieftain Moonglow “mayor” Fisher.

Badlands fort (Zo Vaz) – commanded by “Captain” (they tried to match the others’ military titles) Archer.

There should be more to add here, but I can’t think of it. Oh, the language. Yes, there is a separate one for them (Hillspeech), it is unwritten and very, very rarely taught to outsiders. [And I am not going to build it, so there.] {Ok. screwed that up in my Languages page. I prefer what I came up with there, seeing as how this was so forgettable.}



The Tribes

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