Demon-touched Sorceror


STR 10 (0)
DEX 8 (-1)
CON 11 (0)
INT 14 (+ 2)
WIS 15 (+ 2)
CHA 16 (+ 2)

Fortitude 0
Reflex -1
Will 5

AC 9

HP 14

(Only skills with ranks or special modifiers)
Appraise 6
Bluff 7
Craft(Smith) 6
Craft(Wright) 6
Diplomacy 6
Handle Animal/Ride 5
Intimidate 11
Society 7
Perception 5
Sense Motive 3
Spellcraft 8


Sometimes the horizontal scar on Dafydd’s forehead is completely obscured by his dirty-brown hair. Sometimes it is just a dull line barely worthy of note.

But sometimes, and usually when his hands turn into the scaled claws of a demon, the scar is so bright it can barely escape notice, even though it’s color is the dark red of the blood that oozed from it on the day the demon marked him.

His shirt is white, his vest black and leather, laced with round laces of the brightest red. His trousers are also black, and with the same red lacing at the front, at the sides and on the cuffs.


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