The lost 4th…

Where there are now 3 realms allied, once there were 4. The 4th, now lost, was Vanitaeth, capital and kingdom (?) of the elves. A graceful and elegant city built in and around the trees of the rainforest that was the south center of the continent, Vanitaeth now lies…ruined, presumably. No one can reach the city through the blight that now claims the entire area. No one knows how or why, but one night, 100 (?) years ago, the city just seemed to explode, bursting out in this miasma of sickness and corruption. Scholars have long studied to determine what happened and why, but have found no definitive answers, agreeing only that the final key to the puzzle must actually lie IN Vanitaeth, amidst the corruption. The prevailing opinion (this week…) is that it must be relevant – apposite, even – that this occurred during the Dreamshower. [Better name? Perseids but not, obviously] What is known for certain is that this event (called the Cataclysm), whatever it was, destroyed not only Vanitaeth, but also their divine patron, Turala. Whether Nature’s Warden was actually damaged in this or was simply driven mad by the destruction, none can say. All we know is that Turala is no more, but instead there is Blightborn.

For all intents and purposes, the elven peoples of Inamre are no more. What few survived the initial event, even those that escaped the vile cloud that spread out from the city, sickened and died quickly – by no disease any healer had ever seen, nor could cure. Only the once looked-down-upon half-breeds survived. Many of the refugees of Vanitaeth managed to form 2 small isolated communities – Eriannys and Uifadyn – to hold together their sense of being “a people”.
“We are still here, we are still elves and there are still trees.”

Most, though, fled north, east, and west into the other realms – sadly, no less looked down upon amongst humans than amongst the elves.


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